Monday, September 26, 2016

Quarterstaves and damage modifiers - some random DCC house rules

I had a couple of simple changes that I wanted to introduce to my own DCC campaign.  I'll probably run these by the players, first, because the first of them could have a significant effect on play.

Strength-based damage die modifiers

Anyway, my first idea is the idea of converting most Strength damage modifiers to damage die modifiers.  This may sound like a huge boon, but except for extremely strong character with extremely heavy weapons, this is often going to reduce damage bonuses.  Why?  Increasing the damage die from 1d6 to 1d7 will only increase the average damage roll by .5, whereas the usual +1 bonus increases it by an average of (of course) +1.

You start to break even once you're dealing with 1d8 damage weapons and, under certain unusual conditions, it could be possible to graduate from 1d12 to 1d20.  But that's really an edge case, because few weapons do that much damage.

The thing I actually like about this is that it's a bit more intuitive, and it's still possible to inflict one point of damage on an attack.  And don't forget, when it reduces bonuses, it also reduces penalties, which is a boon for weaker characters.


This idea is just a cute little bonus for quarterstaves.  You see, I don't like the fact that they are treated as being equivalent to clubs.  This doesn't seem right.  Also, I noticed that the DCC manual doesn't consider them to be two-handed weapons.  And that's when it struck me; they could be treated like having dual clubs!

The idea is that a staff wielded with two hands allows an attacker to trade one action die for two attacks at -1d to hit and -1d to damage (i.e. 1d3 damage).  Agility is not consulted to determine dual-weapon ability, because the staff is made to be used this way.

How does that sound?  I still think that 1d4 seems a little weak for the staff when it's being used more as a pole weapon, but I don't think it deserves to have the same damage profile against armor as a mace.  How about 1d5?  This is DCC, so let's use all the funny dice!  I say use 1d4 only when it's being used one-handed, such as by a Wizard.

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