Sunday, September 9, 2018

The Magician's House - a free DCC adventure!

As usual, it's a bit bigger on the inside

Well, here it is: a complete DCC adventure written by yours truly.  The Magician's House!  I'll let the opening words of the brilliant author do the talking:
The city of Blackrock is in peril!  Demon cultists march inexorably closer, less than a week away from putting its people to the knife.  The Duke puts out a call: brave and resourceful heroes are needed to recover the sacred words that will unleash the power of the Sealing Stone.  Words that have passed beyond the world - and so these adventurers must pass beyond the world, into...The Magician’s House! 
The Magician’s House is designed to challenge the party and delight the players with its whimsy.  Within its enchanted walls, they will find doors that open to strange vistas: faerie gardens, abandoned cities behind the mirror, libraries of boundless size and crystal domes on the moon.  They will encounter beings that interrogate and imperil, beguile and betray, entreat and entertain; children and ogres and aliens and magical statues.