Sunday, September 10, 2017

A new DCC class: The Murderhobo

The idea behind this class is to take an obnoxious concept - a backstabbing jack-of-all-trades powergamer - and make it something fun and balanced. Functionally, the murderhobo is a bit of a twist on a magician/thief dual-class. From the thief, he only has stealth and backstabbing, and from the magician, he only has a small stock of first-level spells.  On the surface, this sounds pretty lousy.

Especially arson...there's always arson...

However, there are a few twists that I get a kick out of.

First of all, instead of a backstab roll bonus, the murderhobo gets a murder die that's like the warrior's deed die.  In addition to letting the murderhobo perform Dastardly Deeds (like Mighty Deeds) on a backstab, the number rolled is added to the critical roll from the backstab.

Did I mention that the murderhobo always crits on table V?  It's true that his critical die is unimpressive, but not when he rolls a murder die first.

This class doesn't get a Luck die or spend it on others, but it does recover one Luck point per day.

Murderhobos only get one first-level spell every two levels.  However, the spell is always cast as though the casting check rolled 11 + PC level.  This isn't very powerful, but it is amazingly consistent, encouraging a certain amount of spamming.

What else?  It's a little thing, but murderhobos reduce the total check penalty of their armor by one, and they get +2 to any roll to figure out how to use any kind of weapon.

They have 1d6 for hit dice and progress on attack bonus like halflings.  Are those too low?  I'd let them be for now.

The Google Doc is linked below.  Let me know if you steal anything (which you are welcome to do; just let me know).


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